Software Developer

As a software developer you will resolve customer issues by changing core application code and also be involved in long-term development projects to evolve our product line and retain our cutting edge advantage. This position requires strong logical skills and very good oral and written communication skills. You will be accountable for meeting deliverable commitments including schedule and quality compliance. As a programmer, you will provide programming design consultation and at times heavy interaction with our customers is required for technical problem resolution. An individual in this position shall travel occasionally to the clients as and when required by the projects which they are working on. Remote Connections can also be used to provide customers with an efficient and non-complainable solutions.

ASP.NET Programmer (2)

C# / SQL Programmer (2)

Key Competencies for these role will include:

Software Support

As a software support you will assist to resolve issues of customers, update appropriate developer to rectify the issues. You will be activitly involved in product demonstration, requirement gathering and update same to concern department.

You must be willing to provide on-site as well as off-site support as when required by the customer. You must have a valid driving license and willing to travel outside valley as required.

Having basic SQL knowledge, Basic Programming and Knowledge of Networking is added advantages.

Business Development Officer

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